About Us

Trading Siksha is a platform designed to share thoughts with an open mind and clear heart. Here I, Vineet Jain and my team are sharing our experiences. I am an active trader since 2004 and have seen several market cycles. I have read various books and communicated with various market participants over the journey.

Connecting the Dots” is the key point. Most of us know the theory part of the market to the best of our understanding and develop a perspective. But one thing which we do not understand is that these perspectives are what makes a trader a Buyer and another one a Seller at the same time, at the same price, in the same trading instrument. So how can both be correct and with the major volume coming in FNO it is even possible that both are not correct.

This is where we step in. When we share our thoughts and experience of seeing the market, which Is done only for educational purpose, we come to a point where the objectivity of the theory and its ultimate applications are discussed. We strongly believe that even if u get the right perspective, one needs a proper understanding of the right tools to work with. To ensure this we also discuss our hedge basics and concepts along with its application. Time is the only constant change around us and stock markets cannot be aloof from it. Our interpretation of time and its effect on markets is also discussed. “Data is the new OIL”, and we use it extensively through our customized DATA sheets and tools in our trading and investment journey.

We are strongly against any sort of stock tips or advise, neither do we encourage any sort of PMS. We are a team of firm believer in Education. It is the only way you can take care of your Trading Psychology, Emotion and develop strong Conviction.

Always remember “Seekhna Ek Baar hi Hota hai”

This is no coaching, teaching or anything like that. We are just here to share our experience and thoughts and to show what works for us and the way in which it works for us. We give our precious time during these discussions and answer all relevant and genuine questions.

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