A Support System

Everything and everyone requires a Support System to go a long way. Similarly we have a customised Indicator which provides us a support system, a friend in need kind of support during our trading journey.

Indicators are said to be lagging or leading, but we strongly believe it is the perception that maters the most while using an Indicator. Like price most of the traders are using a similar indicator but they develop different perceptions around it. This is what differentiates the views of traders and hence the results vary.

INDICATORS – A Blessing in Disguise

We are using a customised Indicator which was made by my Mentor and Guru Shree Nitish Kumar Jee. I have worked extensively on this indicator and shared my findings with him and the results are just phenomenal for me.

We share with our members our findings and our perception – the way we look at it and use it, for better understanding and implementation.

We combine the use of our customised Indicators along with Charts, Data and Time Analysis to get MULTI-CONFIRMATIONS

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