Author: Manas behera

  • Premium Indicators By Trading Siksha

    Indicators – What is an Indicator ?? I always believe in a fact that if you have the right question, you will get the right Answer.. Even while crossing a Road with light or moderate traffic we need a complete conviction before we move a single step. Similarly while trading everyone must have self generated……

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  • Learning Is the Only Source of Earning

    The day we are born – we start learning. Everyday day, every moment we keep on learning various things throughout our life. It is the learning that differentiates a person from the other person. Learning develops faith, it builds your personality and is the core reason behind the kind of person you are today. Learning……

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  • Hedge – Secret of Success

    Price has a peculiar way of moving. It will move either sideways or trend in one direction. When the price is trending it will give a sharp move and then retrace back and then start the original trend again. The retracement can be as sharp as 78% of the first trending move. Question is how……

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  • Why do we come to stock market?

    Stock market has been an age old attraction with traders and investors world wide. The most common answer to the above question is ” I have come here for profits” One thing that everyone must understand is that Profit is the return generated on your capital over a period of time which may be one……

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  • CDI

    CDI: Chart Data Indicator CDI is our unique way of trading. It is an integration of Chart, Data and Indicator which facilitates trading decision and execution. We have developed a tool which helps in identifying the pulse of the market. It is a set of data that we derive from the available data during Live……

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