CDI: Chart Data Indicator

CDI is our unique way of trading. It is an integration of Chart, Data and Indicator which facilitates trading decision and execution.

We have developed a tool which helps in identifying the pulse of the market. It is a set of data that we derive from the available data during Live Market and it helps us in understanding the behaviour of market participants.

We have identified a unique way of collaborating and analysing the Chart along with this Data to make trading decisions

Finally we use one our the most comprehensive and customised Indicator for trade execution.

Less Trade but Best Trade..!!!

Our CDI system gives us less trades but the accuracy is very high and we have got excellent results from it over a period. It is one of the favourite system of our members and has helped them to trade with high Conviction.

We share the CDI system and our Data tools along with our customised indicator with our webinar members and also discuss about its use and application in live market.

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