DATA is the New OIL

We are a strong believer in this statement and it has rewarded is very well. The most important thing in this world is Energy and if we think – the biggest expenditure by anyone is only one energy. In our daily life we spend on food (gives us energy), fuel (energy needed for transportation), electricity (energy for most of the things we use everyday) and many more. Even the planet earth is energised by the Solar System.

Similarly, DATA provides the similar energy to our trading journey. It helps in determining the PULSE of the Market.

Position Banegi to DATA me Dekhegi…!!!

We discuss with our members the main reason behind any price action we see in this market is only due to the profit expectation of a particular segment of traders. They apply their resources and energy to develop an aggression because of which a move or a trend develops.

So, can we say that there is motive behind every move in the market. The resources deployed creates a position in the market. DATA helps us read those positions well in advance to determine an expected move in the market and participate in it. It provides us the required fuel and energy to develop high conviction.

We combine this DATA along with Chart and our customised indicator along with Time to get MULTI-CONFIRMATION

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