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Indicators – What is an Indicator ??

I always believe in a fact that if you have the right question, you will get the right Answer..

Even while crossing a Road with light or moderate traffic we need a complete conviction before we move a single step. Similarly while trading everyone must have self generated conviction before taking each and every trade.

An Indicator is a tool that we use to give us an indication about the price. Most of the indicators are lagging in nature that is they will give you a bullish signal when the move has happened or when a good move has already come. We have developed a combination of three indicators which when used together helps in trading decision and execution. Our Indicators are the result of the thought process with which we take trades.

We have developed 3 indicators

  1. CCTV Indicator
  2. L.O.C. Indicator
  3. Advance HM+RH Indicator

CCTV Indicator

Trend is your friend.. Yes we know that, but the main problem is to identify the trend and more importantly change of trend. Along with this one needs Multi time-frame trend analysis for the type of trade one intends to take. Our Indicator goes one step forward in telling you which timeframe and which type of trade one should do in the stock.

As you can see from the picture above – The CCTV indicator can be configured to check the Multi Time Frame Trend for the respective type of trade you want to do. One may also check whether a stock is ready for positional trade or swing trade or is just good for a intraday trade. We will discuss it with an example.

Suppose you came across a stock which is on its all time Resistance. Needless to say that the stock has recently seen a move and that is why it has come back to its all time resistance zone. Now a trader has a confusion that whether he should plan a trade in this stock or not and if he decides to plan a trade then should he plan a positional trade or a swing trade or a intraday trade in the stock. He also needs to know which side he should take his trade.

CCTV Indicator is placed on TOP of our charts like a CCTV which monitors all the activities from 9 different time frames and compares them to generate a clear picture about the future potential of the stock.

This is a sample image of the indicator from 5 min timeframe for intraday trend analysis. As you can see that there are three horizontal bars, each represents a different time frame which is used to analyse the trend for intraday trades. When all three time frames have the same colour then we get a good trading opportunity with high conviction. We even use combination of two bars with our other two indicators viz, LOC and Advance HM+RH to generate good trading signals.

Similarly we can configure the indicator to tell us about the Swing trade or Positional trade potential of the stock. If we see all three bars in the same colour then according to the type of trade we use the respective time frame and seek the best location from the LOC Indicator (discussed below) to enter the trade after confirming the strength of the price from our third indicator and that is Advance HM+RH (discussed below)

L.O.C. Indicator

Once we have a clear understanding of the trend we try to determine the zone which can be used to enter the trade – ‘THE LINE OF CONTROL’. We refer to this zone as the STATION on which once the Price (TRAIN) arrives we will board the train. One should never try to board a train which is far from its station, similarly we will never try to enter a trade where price is far from its crucial zone.

The LOC Indicator helps us to find that zone in multiple ways. We have added 7 Indicators based on different understandings and time frames to be used to identify the Best Location for the trade in all time frames. One can apply one or two or multiple tools from this indicator all at once according to his understanding and his trading needs.

This is a picture of the LOC Indicator where one can apply one or multiple indicators to identify the Location of the Price which adds to the multi confirmation before taking any trade. This tool also gives some insight of the future by using next day’s, week’s or month’s LOC and obviously ICHIMOKU SYSTEM.


Once we have the confirmation of trend from multiple time frames along with price at the desired location we must check and see whether price is over bought, over sold, and most importantly what is the strength of the price by comparing the price with volume and its strength. We use our third customised indicator which is updated with triggers that helps us to identify the signals of over bought and over sold along with the actual zone from where the price can show a good move. In the background we use the trend analysis tool for the trend identification at macro level for the respective time frame.

This. is the picture of the Advance HM+RH Indicator. You can see the small yellow diamonds and red dots which appear on the Indicator which when combined with the back ground colour and signals from CCTV & LOC Indicators generates Ultimate Conviction to go for the Trade.


Premium Indicators by Trading Siksha helps in developing High Conviction for trades

Conviction is the key for a good trader. We proudly share our Indicator with the entire trading community with a strong belief that it has given good results to us and our existing subscribers , it will surely help everyone and make the trading journey simple and highly rewarding.


In this chart you can see we have applied all the three premium indicators by Trading Siksha -CCTV, LOC and Advance HM+RH

This is an Intraday Chart of Nifty50.


ENTRY – The first marking you see is Blue in colour. At this time you can see the trend was positive at small and medium level as well as macro level time frame trend also turned positive. This was the time when our trend analysis indicator from multiple time frames gave us a clear signal for trade. At the same time we see price is at a Major Station (refer to station as a major level) of 20 SMA from our LOC Indicator. In the third indicator we see that we are getting a trigger alert for the strength in the price.

Result – A high conviction trade setup was formed. Now the question comes when to exit and book profits as it is an intraday trade.

EXIT – As you can see from the Yellow colour markings, we got a BB TRAP formation in the same time frame. We also got a over bought signal from our Advance Hm+RH Indicator. This setup confirms that price must come and retest its major station of 20 sma once again. One may plan a exit here once or continue to ride as the trend remains same. It depends on individual trading style and risk appetite.


ENTRY – Now focus on the pink colour markings. Here you will see that price is again at a major station, then trend is back to being bullish and the triggers are activated below.

Result – A high conviction trade setup was formed. Now the question comes when to exit and book profits as it is an intraday trade.

EXIT – Notice the overbought signals in the Advance HM+RH Indicator. This is the time to stay cautious and any signal from price action or trend will confirm our exit. You can see the signals came before the price actually started falling.

This is just a small example of the Intraday Trade in Nifty50 on 29th September 2023. Approximately 150 points were easily captured from the setup discussed above.

You will notice in your trading journey many times price tests your conviction and may sometimes scare you when you are riding good profits, but if you have a good system and proper understanding then you can finally cross the road having busiest of traffic with complete ease.

Thank You & Happy Trading..!!

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