Learning Is the Only Source of Earning

The day we are born – we start learning. Everyday day, every moment we keep on learning various things throughout our life. It is the learning that differentiates a person from the other person. Learning develops faith, it builds your personality and is the core reason behind the kind of person you are today.

Learning is an automatic and continuous process of conscious and subconscious mind. Whatever we see, we feel, we hear and interpret adds up to the learning process.

Someone becomes an Engineer, someone an entrepreneur or a doctor, sportsperson, trader, lawyer or a mechanic, carpenter or anything, is known by his work which is the outcome of his Learning Process.

Knowledge is the Biggest & Safest ASSET

Knowledge, is the only asset, which once acquired – cannot be taken away from you. No one can steal it from you. It is your asset which stays with you forever. Once you attain it, it grows with every experience, every thought process, and the results you get from it. It is something that truly belongs to you. The more you spread it the more it grows and that is why it should never be kept confined like other Assets.


Trading & Investments

Whenever a person thinks or comes in the world of Trading & Investment then one thing is sure that he has acquired some wealth either from his existing profession or inheritance. The most important thing now for anyone is to gather sufficient knowledge to successfully sail through the journey of Trading & Investments.

My Mentor used to always say – “Anything that you do, and if you do not have full Knowledge about it then it is GAMBLING.

Most of the Traders & Investors who start their journey in this field neglect the most important part of the journey – “LEARNING”

WE, at Trading Siksha, are a team of young professionals from various backgrounds. We share learnings from our Trading experience (25 years plus), psychological experiences during the trading and investment journey and also share our research and development with our members through our interactive Webinars. We conduct a series of 32 sessions spread over five months to share our learnings and findings.

We have recently completed a batch successfully and are very proud to share the feedback of our members upon completion.

To take the Learning Journey to the next level we have come up with a 30 day Challenge where in anyone and everyone is invited to join us and share their problems or issues with their Trading and Investments. We will be giving free consultation and guidance during live market hours.

If you are STUCK in any trade, for example –  

-> you bought a script and even when market is at All time high you are getting a loss in your holding position, you cant decide what to do

-> you buy Options and they become Zero by expiry day

-> you EXIT too Early from Profitable Trades

-> you keep a Stop loss and after hitting your Stop Loss price goes up again

-> you are riding on good profits in a stock and you cant decide whether to HOLD or EXIT now

JOIN our Telegram Group – https://t.me/TradingSiksha_30_DayChallenge

We are helping traders with our guidance in LIVE MARKET. 

It is a completely free initiative – done to PROMOTE the POWER of LEARNING & KNOWLEDGE.

We strongly believe LEARNING is the only Source of EARNING, and once you acquire the KNOWLEDGE , it is an ASSET, no one can ever take it away from you.

The 30 Day Challenge is done only for educational purpose. We do not trade on your behalf and neither do we engage in any paid tips or pms kind of service. We are strongly against it. 


Join us freely at – https://t.me/TradingSiksha_30_DayChallenge and post your CHARTS, trades or any issues you face in live trading. 

You may REFER it to you friends and family and repost it in other telegram / WhatsApp / twitter / Facebook groups and channels.

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