A Support System Everything and everyone requires a Support System to go a long way. Similarly we have a customised Indicator which provides us a support system, a friend in need kind of support during our trading journey. Indicators are said to be lagging or leading, but we strongly believe it is the perception that……

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  • DATA

    DATA is the New OIL We are a strong believer in this statement and it has rewarded is very well. The most important thing in this world is Energy and if we think – the biggest expenditure by anyone is only one energy. In our daily life we spend on food (gives us energy), fuel……

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    Chart is the first interaction point between a trader and the market. Many traders look at the same chart, at same price at the same time, but one makes a bullish where other makes a bearish trading decision. This is what drives the market and trades take place. In general only one of two trader……

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